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Oh man I’ve just noticed that my previous post got over 1450 notes. I’m writting this cause it’s my first one over 1000. And that I’ve got 650 of you following my back. I’M NOT GONNA CRY!

Yeah I’m pretty sensitive. I get exited over new things. Everytime I watch my followers multiplied I get so happy that I run all over the house. And not because I’m thinking “muahaha I’ll have more people rebloggin now”. I am NOT that kind of person. I get exited because I seriously love you and I also love Tom and by having you following me I think that my efforts are rewarded. And it’s really nice talking to all of you. So THANK YOU once again. I don’t know you but I LOVE YOU. No actually you know what? I do know you…at least I know how you react when you see a really cute/sexy pic of Tom. You’re all like

Some of you may think “SHUT UT! There are other Hiddleston fanpages that have 2000 followers!” BUT I’m not doing this because I think I’m someone or because I want to show off. I’m NO ONE! I’m just so SO grateful for the 650 people who follow and support me (and of course Tom!!). I became kinda melodramatic but I that’s ok!

Thanks once again from the bottom of my heart. :)